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Lovely to Meet You...

Hi, I'm Stephanie. I have a BBA in Marketing from James Madison University and spent many years working in the insurance industry. After more than a decade of feeling uninspired by my work, I decided to finally do what I love and what I was told by family and friends that I had a real talent for- design.


I moved to the Richmond, VA area in Summer of 2021 after becoming a true empty nester to boy/girl twins who currently attend my alma mater (Go Dukes!) and sought out experience in all things window treatments. After learning the ins and outs of product offerings, I set out to create a business that allowed me to capitalize on what I have a natural talent for- designing personalized and creative solutions for client's window covering needs. 

How I Got Here

My late father was an entrepreneur.  As long as I can remember, he was always changing, growing, learning and creating.  I guess I got that gene from him?  I've worn many hats in my life, sat behind several desks and in many cubicles and for a long time mostly spent time in my home and on the sidelines of my kids' games.  That one was likely the hardest, but most fulfilling, job I've had to date.  We all suffered through an unprecedented time together during a global pandemic and we had to figure things out as we went.  While the kids did their Junior and Senior years at home, I obtained my interior design certification with a plan to work in an industry I've always been drawn to.  

Those kids are now young adults navigating their futures and I've started navigating mine. :-)

Once getting them off and settled in their next "home" for 4 years, I started working as a designer for a window covering company.  While there I soaked in everything I could, and I realized a few things: 1) I acquired a lot of knowledge quickly,  2) I am good at this, and 3) there is a market out there that could benefit from my services.  

After realizing I had the skills I needed, I channeled my dad and started Turn-key Treatments and have never looked back. I'm a strong believer that in life you need to sometimes take a leap and I look forward to doing business with you as I jump into this next chapter.

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